2Sic Tyger Smith


Some time has passed since we last saw the 2Sic tag team. Gabe Saint has reverted back to his hating the fans way. Tyger returns under a Mask? No reason that anyone can tell. What we can see is that Saint seems to be hating his partner.

When Tyger is booked in a singles match Gabe Saint makes sure that he knows that he is watching. Saint is not looking like he wants Tyger as a partner. How will this end?

This is that moment where 2Sic will be tested. Bison Pride teams with Evan McCloud, who has been going through his own changes.

After taking Tyger’s wife as his property, Gabe Saint finds himself in match against his former partner again!

2Sic Tyger Smith goes on the road. He would end up facing and old friend turned enemy, Fusion. What will happen when these two clash?

Old School Pro Wrestling invaded Roc City. 2Sic Tyger Smith would face OSPW wrestler Buck 10.

In his travels 2Sic Tyger Smith ends up fighting IB Green at Kayfabe Dojo.

Back in Roc City 2Sic Tyger Smith vs Fusion vs Evan McCloud vs Guardian Angel for the RCW North American title.

Billy Foxx vs 2Sic Tyger Smith for the North American title.

After losing the North American title, 2Sic Tyger Smith takes on Indy Wrestling Vet Big Poppa Chill. Austin Rhodes appears at an interesting moment.

No paint. No caring. Tyger Smith has had it with Roc City. There seems to be something going on behind the scenes. This multi-man tag match puts Tyger and Guardian Angel as a team.

Angel’s Cousin Brian Emanon came to her aid at the end of the last show. Austin Rhodes put Angel’s contract above the ring and had the two men fight in a TLC match for it.

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