2sic 3

Rumble in the Roc. It doesn’t workout for Tyger or any of his friends.

Tyger found himself giving into dark thoughts in a random 3way dance with Evan McCloud and Kid Justice. Massena New York would never be the same.

Tyger fights a debuting Draven(Gabe Saint).

Spazz vs Draven. This match takes a turn where emotion takes control. 2Sic is born.

Fusion vs Tyger Smith for the RCW Hardcore title. This match ends in controversy.

2Sic vs Spazz and Fusion. Tyger threw friendship out the window. Now he is going to have to step up his game.

Tyger Smith vs Mike Malone for the WWW Title. 2Sic has come to Massena.

Take the night off. Austin Rhodes is now in power at Roc City and gives Tyger Smith the night off. But at the same time wants to teach PJ Hanson a lesson.

In an attempt to cause a rift between the partners World War Wrestling put 2Sic in a 2 out of 3 falls match. The question is will this work?

For the right price Tyger Smith is a thug for hire. Tony the Ice pick pays Tyger to tag with him against The Shamrock Showcase.

The Tag match that would change everything in Roc City. 2Sic vs Kid Justice and Charisma.

A rare interview with 2Sic before their match.

2Sic vs La Famila. 2Sic feels a kind reaction from the crowd.

3way Tag Title match for the RCW Tag belts. This match would mark the first time Roc City would have a show in Brockport.

2Sic had finally gained the tag titles. Now an old enemy of Tyger returns.

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