Adoption Alert! 3/28/19

Another busy week, rescue isnt a part time job, its 24/7 , no sleep, worrying, ect.. You do not have time for lifes little problems to get in your way, for there is always a animal that needs you. Sometimes we get those beautiful babies that some people call special needs, we just call them special, for their needs should mean nothing, if you love and care for all of gods creatures. These two special beauties need a home together, they are bonded, and need to eat in their special chairs, made just from them. It is a medical problem, but one that is easily controlled if you have 30 mins out of a day for them, thirty minutes is nothing if you love them. We have some big events coming up, which i shall post later, and as always check out our page The Silver Lining for Pitbulls on Facebook, for current adoptables.

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