Poetry Corner with Randi

A Writer’s Mind

When writing,
Depending the situation.
We all tend to,
Get blockage.
What really,
Goes through the mind,
Of a writer.
Is it happy thought’s?
or is it sad?
it’s tough to say,
For i myself,
Am a writer.
My mind?
Tends to go places,
Places beyond the present.
Trying not to focus,
On the bad at hand.
But to focus,
On the creativeness.
A writer’s mind,
Can be blown away.
When the word’s,
Just flow.
And beauty come’s out.
From amazing words,
To amazing material.
Same difference,
A writer’s mind,
Speaks of the pain,
Even the sorrow.
When reading from,
A writer’s mind.
Maybe you’ll understand,
When darkness comes’s
To light.
You’ll understand,
A writer’s,
State of mind.

hey there everyone of the uWc network, how has everyone been? hopefully well. i know i haven’t been to consistent on here for reasons being i have had some personal family issues going on that have had me distracted from writing. hopefully you all like this one here. enjoy and happy reading!

Until next time…


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