Poetry Corner with Randi


Feeling annoyed,
Every word.
Every thought,
Just everything.
I don’t wish,
To hear it.
Just shut up,
Ok fine.
Just know,
That you yourself.
Are the annoyance,
The annoyance in,
My life.
Just shut it.
Nobody wants,
To hear it.
Not me,
Not he.
Not even we,
You will forver be,
The annoyance.
Until the day,
You take,
Your last breath.

Hey there everyone of the uWc network, i know the site has had a bit to more of a few glitches in the last week. So it has prevented me from posting anything knew. Alot of what i do post is usually stemmed from a personal experience. And well heck…yeah there is a sort of an annoyance in my life. And it sucks but what can i do?

Hopefully yall enjoy this one!

Until next time!


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