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Turning to dust.

The flame goes out,

As the ash falls.

Thinking of the memory,

Of what you once were.

Lighting another match,

Watching the flame burn.

Wishing to go back,

Looking back.

Remembering the smiles,

Even all of the laughter.

Looking at all the smoke,


Should i get out?

Hearing the sirens,

As the fire department arrives.

You just sit there,

Watching the flames around you.

Reminiscing of the memories

Wishing you could go back.

As a fireman grabs you,

You pull back.

The flames get higher,

As you yourself start to burn.

Your eyes close,

You start to feel cold.

Despite the burning hot flames,

Your cold as ice

Wishing you could have taken,

That advice.

But now,

As you lay there.

Burned body,

Barely breathing.

That person you once were

You are no more.

Nothing more than,

Just a pile,

A pile of ash.

Hello guys and gals of the uwc network!!!

Maaaaan after the day i had at work today i just wanted to come home shower and go to bed. But then i figured meh it wont happen because what is sleep? Lol i have no friggen clue!

But anywho, this poem here is something that i wrote some time last month. And honestly all of these words and stuff just came too my head on that day and i love this one.

One of my favorites from the top of my creativness head lmfao hahaha. But no in all seriousness the message im sending to you all through this poem is that before you make any drastic decisions take some well needed advice before you make a mistake and in the end wind up burning yourself.

Hopefully you all like this one!!!

Until next time!

~Randi ❤

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