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UnderWorld Champions ep 16

As promised one of the lost matches from UnderWorld Champions. A Tag Team Qualifying Match. The pay off from episode 14. Born to Wrestle vs Dante Dio and Rob Cook. We will continue to look to see if we can find more footage of this show and the last. Again thank you for your patience.… Continue reading UnderWorld Champions ep 16


#Take It Deep: Is this the end?

I have been gone from the front line of Western NY Wrestling since November 2019, at UnderWorld Champions 3. I have been asked where have I been by true fans. People that claimed to be friends have sunk back into the mist. What happened? Where did I go? Why am I not blasting the internet… Continue reading #Take It Deep: Is this the end?



So recently the question of am I the face of the UnderWorld Champions product was bought up on Turn buckle Talk Radio. A podcast featured on the GERE NETWORK. Where Cyclone Jones challenged the idea if I was not the face for the fact that I am in the main event. I could understand this… Continue reading #TAKEITDEEP: THE FACE