Poetry Corner with Randi

Be Aware

Paying attention,

Looking at actions.


One of the main worries.

One of the main,


Actions to look for,

In a person.


In the demeanor.


Tears lots of them.


Pay attention.

Some people just smile,

To mask it all.

But what you ask?

The sadness.

The depression,

The hurt.

Then what they feel,

More or less what we,


Check on me,

Check on he,

Check on she.

Check on those,

Whom you love.

Just take a chance,

And reach out.

The more we sit,

And just watch.

Instead of saying something,

The more we risk.

Risk losing me,



All of them.

It’s may,

Let all be aware today.

Hey there everyone of the uWc network.

Just wanna apologize for taking so long to post something new, work has been killer lately. Then again alot of personal things going on aswell has had me very very distracted.


To get in to the meaning behind this here poem.

In light of the recent and unfortunate event of the sad passing of the former wwe diva Ashley Massaro this is for her and anyone else battling depression.

It is unfortunate how our minds get to us all, to the point of us wanting to take our own lives. Depression is an evil very evil thing to experience.

I suffer for depression, some days are good and others? Not so much. Some days i just really think to myself why? Why me? Why do i feel this way? Its so hard to explain. I try to tell people that alot. Most understand others just don’t.

The month of may is mental health awareness month.

Be aware of signs, people’s changing ways, they might be silently crying for help.

And for those scared to reach out, dont be. There is always and i mean ALWAYS there to listen.

Everything will be okay, just breath.

Don’t be afraid to help yourself feel better.

You got this. You are strong.

Rest In Peace WWE’s Ashely Massaro.

Until next time…


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