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I hit you up,

No answer.

He or she hits you up,

They get an answer.

So in reality,

I must be a bothersome,

To you.

Thats okay,

I can catch hints,

When thrown easily.

Its okay,

Not many speak to me,


Am i a bother?

Thats todays question,

Do you have the answer?

You could,

But to save my feelings.

You wont answer,

Instead you just leave me,

Leave me wondering.

Wondering why?

What have i done?

These questions,

Wont ever get answered.

Me being bothersome to you,

I’ll never get the reason.

Its okay,

I bother everyone.

Hey whats up uwc network how y’all doing today? I know your probably like dayyyuumm why she posting so earlyyyyy!! Lol. Its because me being who i am i never really sleep. Especially when this buffalo weather messes me up so much to the point where i have a dang head cold. It sucks lol.

But anywho, to give a good description on this poem here,

You ever really feel like your bothering someone but they seriously wont speak up about it? Doesn’t that just get on your nerves? I know it does for me. But what really gets annoying is when you get the hint that the person or people you try to contact they notice you stop talking to them then they feel some type of way about it later. Like uhm listen here dude your the one who didn’t wanna be bothered soooo. Its like a lose lose situation ya feel me?

People if a friend or family member is hitting you up to much and you feel like they are bothering you SPEAK THE FUCK UP! Because alot of people will just up and leave without a trace and will leave your inconsiderate ass wondering what happened.

Hopefully you all enjoy this one here 😊😊

Until next time!


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