Breaking News at NCW?

Uwc4life- Okay Matt Amato we have not spoken in a while since you have stopped doing your podcast. What’s the deal with Chris West being pulled from the show?

I mean I’ll be honest with you. Other than it being some kind of Thanksgiving Miracle to read this story first thing in the morning. It makes no sense to me. In the world of pro wrestling you can do almost anything and get away with it. Other than maybe personally attacking your constituents that are helping the show happen why would he be pulled and are you sure you have the authority to do that?

Amato- Yes I have the authority to pull Kaiju Chris West from the show, I have the ability to pull and add anyone I want. It seems people have forgotten that Shadokat has stepped aside from running the show leaving me in charge of NCW.

Uwc4life- Ok granted. What did he do?

Amato- Chris West has been acting in a very unprofessional way when it comes to him getting his way. Since last December when he barged his way through the front door demanding a spot on the show to attacking his opponent’s after the match. Even when discussing championship matches when Mr.West doesn’t like what you have to say he will let you know.

Uwc4life- Ok? So? Tyger Smith did worse than that in his tenure. Hell we have been taught by the things we see on tv thats how you get what you want, in this business.

Amato- Just because Tyger has done worst doesn’t mean Kaiju isn’t in the hot seat now. I have been more than fair when it comes to giving Chris West fair chances. He has been in 3 championship matches this year and has failed to capture the NCW Heavyweight championship.

Frost Fight: vs David Evans and Da Latin Soldier in a Triple Threat match

April Mayhem: vs Da Latin Soldier

Lackawanna Beatdown: vs Da Latin Soldier

All championship matches

Uwc4life- 3 chances? That is a lot. Will  he be at the show? We just had da Latin Soldier on a podcast talking about this match.Who will will get the title match now?

Amato- I have a few people in mind for who will be facing Soldier at Winter Wonderslam 2017. I’m not going to make a decision until I’m 100% sure that the person has earned his title shot against Da Latin Soldier. As for if West will be at the show, I cannot comment as he is not suspended. I highly recommend that he does stay home though.

Uwc4life- Ok… So if he shows up will he be removed?

Amato- All I can say is I highly recommend Kaiju staying away from the show.

Uwc4life- Thank you for your time.

Amato- Thank you.

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