Poetry Corner with Randi

But Why

Why me?

Why this?

I don’t deserve this.

What have i done?

Im just,


Doing me,

Trying to survive.

Yet i get this,

This pain.

Im young,

Maybe not that,


But I’m trying,

Trying to succeed.



But things like this,

This pain..

Are really,

Slowing me down.

But why?

Why me?

Is this a test?

It must be.

I gotta be strong,

I have a fire inside me.

Burning away,

But not burning out.

In pain daily,

Yet i still stand.

Forever strong at will,

Some days weak.

But i shall never,


Give up.

Hey there everyone of the uWc network!

How has everyone been? Hope all is well with all of you. Me on the other hand i wish i could say i was well. But i will be honest.

I am not well. Im not sick sick. But I’ve been suffering for awhile and yesterday i reached my breaking point.

I’ve had severe back pain for years, some days i can tolerate it but others like last night i just couldn’t. So i went to the emergency room to get some form of answers or anything to give me a form of relief. I don’t ever wish any kind of pain on anybody.

Back pain especially. Initially they gave me medication at the hospital to help me through the night and sent me home with scripts of the same stuff they gave me. It helped but for right now they diagnosed my condition as lumbosacral radiculopathy. Which is caused usually by sciatica. Well thats atleast what my paper work said.

I will he following up with my primary doctor to see what i should do to find more answers.

So if im not posting to much if at all hopefully you all understand.

I love y’all whoever does read my poetry. Much love..

I do ask to keep me in your prayers that its nothing to serious..

Im hoping its nothing serious.😔

Until next time..


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