Poetry Corner with Randi


An image or thought,

Could have brought,

That aching feeling.

The one that you feel,

In your chest,

Your head,

And your eyes.

No matter where,

You will feel it.

Whether it be physical,

Or even mental.

But who would have thought,

That you,

Would have felt that.

Emotional pain.

But there is another word.

Word for the people,

The people who are,


May not be completely,

But partially damaged.

Be careful,

Stay on your guard,

Or you will suffer.

Suffer the damage,

The emotional damage.

Whats up everyone of the uWc network.

Sorry im not as consistent i would like to be. Work has been seriously kicking my ass the last few days.

But judging by the title of the poem im sure you all can get the jist of what this is about. Let alone the words.

I wrote this back in may of 2018. Was a bit of a rough time for me honestly. Alot of emotions going through me and alot of damage brought upon me.

So if i seen so skittish or just plain sad depressed. It may not be particularly because of you or the next person. But from previous experiences.

I suffer from alot of things but most of all emotional damage. I have gone through alot of things but i wont let that define who i am today.

I may be damaged but im alive still đź’Ş

Until next time…


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