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Clouds moving together,

As the sadness sinks in.

Evil lurking,

Trying to take over you.

Fighting the evil,

But the darkness,

Hides the positivity.

Sitting there,


Thinking why?

Looking up to the sky,

As a dark cloud just falls.

Falls upon you,

And claims you.

Darkness consumes most,

Even thr strong.

The will to carry,

The will to move on,

Is almost impossible.

Especially when,

The darkness claims.

Claims you,

Your innocence,

Your strength.

Even your will.

Hey hey hey!! Whats happening you guys! So okay like this poem here literally just came off the tip top of my creative head! Sooo yeah. I was a little bit hesitant on actually posting this. Then again, i really would love to hear the feedback ya know? If it doesn’t make sense okay? Tell me. I can take the criticism. Just try not to be too harsh about it okay? 😂

Anyway, the meaning behind this? Well the title darkness stems from what i myself personally has been feeling alot lately. But the words in the poem itself describe what just anyone can deal with on a daily basis. From depression to even anxiety. It’s soooo hard for such good people with the best personalities and what not to just sink. Know what i mean? Sometimes you would never know when someone is literally on the brink of giving up. Thats how dark it can get. Some people can hid it well, others not so much. Always check on your close friends and family. Because they could be fighting a battle inside that maybe they can’t handle alone.

Well, until next time you guys..

Hopefully you all enjoy this one here ☺

Randi ❤

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