Day 1 from tested.

I posted a podcast the day after I got my Covid Vaccine shot. And let me tell you things have gone from bad to worse. I thought I was having some crazy side effects for like 3 days. But instead it turns out that I actually have covid-19.

Even though I got my first vaccination shot I was able to catch the disease right after. I am fatigued among other things. My kids had to leave the house so that way they don’t catch it. But since they’ve been around me they still had a corn team elsewhere.

This shit sucks. I’m not going to lie I’m a little scared. Can’t get comfortable. I’m having hot flashes and cold flashes. I feel like I need to like sit shower forever. I’m so thirsty. I was told if I have trouble breathing to go to the hospital. Joy.

I have to try to sleep.

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