Poetry Corner with Randi

Day Dreaming

Looking around,
Seeing the tree's.
Hearing the birds,
Listening to the laughter.
Looking forward,
Not seeing to clear.
Thinking hard,
As the sounds start to drift.
Looking beyond the tree's,
Seeing him.
Thinking whoa!
This can't be real.
There is just no way,
As he starts walking closer.
His image gets bolder,
Still looking ahead.
He walks past,
As i stand there.
Looking foolish,
Blank stare as others look.
Someone snapping there fingers,
As i blink.
And realize i myself,
Was day dreaming.
But what was i really seeing?
If it wasn't that man,
Then whom,
Or even what.
What had my attention?
I wish i knew,
But i am at a loss.
Day dreaming is almost,
As similar to night time dreaming.
Because some dreams,
I can very well remember.
As well as the day dreams,
But this one?
I can't seem to remember,
What exactly i was seeing.
I wish i could though,
Bet it was spectacular.
Who knows,
Maybe i'll see again.
And maybe i'll remember,
The next time i am,
Day dreaming.

Hey there everyone of the uWc network!! i know i stay taking foreever to post something new here. but i have been busy working and then just to tired in general to want to open up my laptop or even do it on my phone. some days yes i am just purely being lazy lol. so forgive me ? but anywho, who hasn’t just randomly started staring off into space and just seeing things that aren’t really there? a.k.a day dreaming lol. i do i A LOT. and i get funny looks all the time. most people ask me “randi what are you looking at?” and ill snap out of it and be like huh? what? lol and i will legit forget what in the heck i was looking at or even seeing. sometime’s im just remembering a certain memory and reminiscing. y’all have gone through that before right? awww c’mon you can admit it! it’s perfectly okay and normal lol.

Oh, i thought i would let you all in on a little something that happened to me over the weekend. lets just say i am extremely glad that i DO check my emails. why you ask? well here is why!

I had received an email from the Eber&Wein book publishers, stating that i was chosen out of the 30% to submit a poem to be published in the best poets of 2019 book. yes PUBLISHED y’all!! i am being published again! this will make 4 times ever in my life that i have been published. i am honored and still in quite shock that i was chosen. super stoked and can not wait to get the book when it is made, because best believe i submitted one of my very best poems!!

Well i hope you all enjoyed this here poem!!!

Until next time!


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