Poetry Corner with Randi

Forced Entry


Is the word.

Please no,

Are the words,

That i say.

Do they listen?


Same word,

That i use.


Why wont you,

And you over there,

Just listen.

For once,

Just let it be.

What is meant to be,

Will be.

Let it happen,

But naturally.

Don’t force it,

What are you doing?

Do you see it?

What that is,

That your doing.

Your forcing it,


Just stop it.

Im screaming,

At this point.

Why do this,

Why do that.

When i say no,

It means no.

Stop trying,

And let it go.

To some,

Yes means no.

But me?

No means absolutely,


Keep on trying,

And forcing,

And you yourself,

Will lose.

Nobody likes,

A forced entry.


I definitely,

Do not.

So when i say no,

What will you do?

The question remains.

Hey hey hey everyone of the uWc network!

Hope everyone is well and has had a great weekend.

Why not end it with a little bit of poetry? Now usually when i write something it can mostly come from a personal experience.

This here is something like that but its not a diss its not anything of the sort to anyone in particular. So please when you go to read this don’t take it personal okay?

My message behind this, is that when you want something to happen don’t force it or try to because when you try to much and shit happens you can end up ruining alot in the long run.

So just let things happen naturally.

Ya feel me?

Until next time…


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