Poetry Corner with Randi

Going Insane

I’m slowly losing it,
Help me before it happens.
What you ask?
Just think,
When things happen,
Oh so often,
You tend to lose it,
Your mind,
Your sanity in general.
So help,
Help before i lose it.
I am slowly,
But surely going insane.
So much drama,
So much chaos.
I don’t know how much,
How much more my mind,
Can really take.
Leave me alone?
oh okay,
So you want me,
To not be OK.
Why do you,
Want to see me,
This way?
just why.
That’s all i ask.
Continue to badger,
Continue to add stress.
When really,
I just want to,
You just don’t care,
I think we all see now.
It’s really sad,
But such is life.

Hey there everyone of the uWc network i know it has been a mean minute since i have posted anything. i do deeply apologize for slacking. work has had most of my attention really. aside from personal family things aswell. but hopefully you all will enjoy reading this poem here. if not then im sorry lol it was something that i’ve had in my head for the last month to be honest with you. the inspiration behind this? i can’t necessarily say where it came from. unless i’ve talked to you in the last few months or so then maybe you can get the gist of what inspired this one. so for those who i haven’t talked to this here will remain a mystery to you. lol sorry y’all.

but until next time…


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