Poetry Corner with Randi


Sweat pouring,

Dripping down.

So many thoughts,

Just drowning.

Bodies moving,

Souls crashing.

Heat rising,

Temperatures dropping.

Clouds closing in,

Rain starts to fall.

As it drips,

Lips touch.

Heat rising higher,

They start to drift.

Rain pours down,

When then she realizes.

Those rain drops,

Are really her tears.

Heat rises higher,

As her heart breaks.

Into pieces,

They melt.

Like a candle,

Lit from the fire.

As the fire burns,

The heat rises.

As it rises,

She falls.

Hey there everyone of the uWc Network!

I know its been a minute since i had posted anything, well poetry wise anyway.

Just been busy with work and then being sick for dam near 3 weeks straight. Im still not fully fully recovered but eh im getting there.

But to give a background description on this poem here! I wrote this some time last year., oddly enough it was when here in buffalo we kept on having that heat wave lol but this poem was something more of a spur of the moment. The words were scrambled in my head and so i said hey why not just make this in to a poem?

But yeah anywaysss…ive come to the conclusion that most of the poetry i write has something to do with pain and or heart break in general 😞 meh i guess that’s where the best work comes out?

Until next time…


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