Poetry Corner with Randi

Hey Look

Hey man,


It ain’t me,

It ain’t he.

So why blame thee?

I get it,

You’re mad.

You’re upset,

But hey look.

Thing’s happen,

But why?

Who knows,

I don’t.

Do you?

Maybe so.

Hey look,

Relax a little.

And see,

Where things go.

From here,

To even there.

Just keep looking,

Looking ahead.

Hey there y’all of the uWc network!!! Incase y’all dont know NCW: April Mayhem is just 4 days away!! Whos excited?? I know i am!

But anywho, so okay this poem here kinda got inspired by a little situation that has something to do with a group of my friends. Thing’s happened but im hoping more of the best for them than the worst ya know?

I just wanna see people have fun and live life!

So keep looking ahead y’all just keep looking ahead..

Until next time..


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