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His Touch

The feeling,

Lips touching.

Bodies together,

Creating life.

His hand,

In hers.

As they move,


As one.

His touch,

Her glow.

There they go,

Off in the moonlight.

In to the daylight,


Tragedy strikes,

As his touch does.

She falls,

As he laughs.

He chases,

As she runs.

Wiping tears,

As they fall.

His touch,

Not so friendly.

She runs,

Away to better.

Better herself.

To find safety,

And a better touch.

And not his,

His evil touch.

Hey hey everyone! First and foremost i would like to apologize for taking so long to post something. I had been recovering from food poisoning ugh. The worst in the world let me tell you. I never wish that shit on my worst enemy. Buuuut anywho to get into the explanation or description on this poem here!

I wrote this last year in july actually, kind of one of my favorites.

To some females this might hit home a little to much but in advance im sorry.

Anyway, most relationships can start off beautiful! And absolutely amazing am i right? The feeling of a mans touch on your body is great to say the least i mean…lol but, in some cases a man can change in the blink of an eye and won’t be do friendly towards you anymore. Once the abuse begins it can be harder than hard to leave because of the hold they have on you. The love you feel makes it even harder. I know it may be hard and even scary to think of leaving but the longer you stay, the worse the abuse can be. Find your strength and escape. Escape the evil and toxic and run to freedom and self love.

Know your worth ladies..

Until next time..


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