Poetry Corner with Randi


I’m hurting,

Not simple hurt.

Not physical,

More like..


Its rough to explain,

But here i shall.

Shall try to explain,

The strain on me.

Im hurting,

From deep within me.

Words can be named,

For this exact feeling.

More or less,

State of mind.

I’m hurting,

But i don’t want to.

Not anymore,

Im crying out.

Will somebody hear me?

I’m trying,

Really hard.


To pick myself up.

But yet i fall,

Again and again.

I can’t seem,

To stay afloat.

Maybe its time for me?

To leave and go?


Maybe not that.

Can you hear me?

I’m screaming at this point.

I need you,

Any of you.

Im hurting,

Please help me.




I don’t know how to really explain this here but as i wrote this i had tears rolling down my cheek because Im not okay.

Not in the slightest.

The thing about depression is that it fucks with your mind hard and even more at night. And low and behold its 2am.

Im at my lowest of lows right now.

Im trying to keep a clear mind but its really hard.

Forgive me.

I love you all 😔

Until next time..

~Randi 😔💔

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