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I Suffer

I cry at night,
Wishing I can see light.
Why me?
I just want to feel right.
I feel like I’m dieing.
But I won’t.
I lay here crying,
People tell me don’t.
What else can I do?
Besides lay here,
And cry.
I can’t feel anymore.
What is there to feel?
I feel dumb,
Even more numb.
I’m suffering,
Nobody can see.
What do you see?
That I’m happy?
When honestly,
I’m really sappy.
I’m sad honestly.
I can’t shake this,
This feeling anymore.
I wish I could.
This depression,
Takes over me.
All I do is isolate myself.
Nobody even notices.
Notices my pain,
And my suffering.
I do this alone.
I suffer.
Suffer alone.

Hey hey how ya doing? Doing good? Good.

Aight so judging by the title of this here poem its obvious that people go through things. Including me myself. I suffer alot but in silence because id rather not have everyone worrying about me .

But honestly sometimes its not very good to actually keep everything inside.

My message to everyone of the uwc network, and the rest of the world, don’t suffer in silence. Speak to someone today..

Get the help and comfort you need to feel better and at ease with yourself.

Until next time..


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