Poetry Corner with Randi

If Only

If only you knew,

What you really do.

Your words,

Your actions.

And what those,

Honestly do.

If only you knew,

What i go through.

But yet you,

Don’t speak.

You don’t check,

Not even a simple,


Or even,

I miss you.

If only you knew,

How much i myself,

Really miss you.

Hey there everyone of the uWc network!

I know it has been a minute since i posted anything and im sorry.

Just had alot of things going on really but can’t let that stop me completely from doing what i love.

But this right here, i guess you can say im in my feelings today.

Certain people i used to talk to just aren’t there anymore and it makes me sad honestly. Like i know one of the many few might read this. And if so, i miss you but then again do you really care?

Some may say they do but most don’t mean it.


Until next time…


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