Each member will need to download these apps: WWE AND GOOGLE MEET.

Everybody in the league will be compiling points to become the Kelly kapowski championship title holder. And the championship dinner of their choice.

Drafting- Drafting wrestlers will be done either in person virtually through the Google meets group. Each person will draft an equal amount of wrestlers as to people in the league. Five wrestlers being the cap. Wrestlers RAW, Smackdown, NXT and NXT UK are the pool. The rest of the active roster will be considered free agents. If you’re not happy with one of your draft picks a week after the initial draft you’re able to drop someone to pick somebody up out of the free agents after all PPVs. Keep in mind though that tag teams are not considered one person. Which means that two different people can draft different members of a tag team.

Points- Straight win or submission will give you 10 points. A win by disqualification or draw or count out you will only get 5 points. When that tag team wins each one of them will get 10 points but when the tag team loses each person is in -5 points. You will get 15 points for gimmick matches. When elimination matches happen you will lose points if your wrestler is eliminated even if the team wins. When you take a loss you will lose five points from your total score. If it’s a gimmick or title matches then you get an extra five points. So you will get 20 total points.

Keeping up- If you are not able to physically watch something live. You’re able to watch it on Hulu or the WWE Network. On YouTube wrestletalk is an excellent source of getting quick information of who won and who lost. They do not however cover main event. Which is a part of the entire scoring process.

Trash Talking- Trash talking will more than likely be a thing. Please take with a gain of miss dash. But we will not tolerate trash talking about anyone’s Race, Religion, sexual orientation, political views or America. If you are proven of any of these violations you will be banned from the league and your dues are for fit. Your guilt will be a group vote with the commissioner having the final word. Other than that have at it.

Spoils of War- The winner will be awarded the Kelly Kapowski title belt. Where they will hold the belt until the end of the follow season. They also will be awarded number one draft pick of The following Season as well. And the ability 2 drop and pick up two different wrestlers the next season. The finals meal will be paid by dues of the league.