Poetry Corner with Randi

In Silence

Laying here,

In the dark.

Trying to sleep,

But yet i weep.

Hearing myself cry,

But everyone,

Seems to walk by.

Can they not hear me?

I must be alone.

At least that is,

What i feel.

The sound starts to drift,

As i lay here.

In the darkness,

Continuing to weep.

Not a sound comes out,

Nobody can hear me.

Not even i,

So i lay here.

Without a sound in sight,

I lay here.

In the sound that is not,

I lay here,

In silence.

Hey there everyone of the uwc network…

Yes yes i know its 3am what the fuck am i doing awake…

Well the thing is, i went to sleep to early and yeah now im wide awake. I just know ill be a walking zombie for working in the morning but oh well.

Anywho, this poem here is something fresh off the top of my head word for word. A little bit of a rhyme to it aswell,

If your thinking that im not okay due to the wording let me reassure everyone i am fine. Just some words scramble in my head and i just end up putting them together for a decent poem.

Hopefully you all like it!

Until next time..


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