In The Trenches With Sgt. EniGmA Episode: 🤔 “Hmmmm I Forgot…?” (420 Edition)

Before I even get started on this CRAZY addition, here’s a quick a quick shout out to The Brand New UWC Energy Drink it’s a party in a can! which you can order right here on, they will also be available at all NCW events!

Now let’s get into it I know I was supposed to cover Frost Fight with a play by play in this addition however I’ve wasted enough of your time so please forgive me and allow me to dig right into the fact that we are exactly one week from my year anniversary working with NCW which can only mean April Mayhem the biggest show of the year witness history live April 27th at The Batavia Downs Casino, tickets are still available but are almost sold out get them now!

Who’s gonna be there????

Impact Wrestling Star The Pope Elijah Burke:

ECW Star HC Loc:

Wrestling Legend Of The Golden Age Of Wrestling Dominic Denucci:

WCW Legend Ernest The Cat Miller:

ROH Star J-Rocc:

What more do you want???

How about a jam packed card filled with action like

The First Ever Dick The Destroyer Byer Memorial Wrestling Match?

Still didn’t catch your attention?

How about a 3 way dance to crown the new NCW Woman’s Champion?

NCW Women’s Title Match:

Corinne Mink VS Masha Slamovich VS PJ The Whip Gonzalez

Now I know that caught your attention,

The Business Open Challenge:

Now that I have your undying attention let’s talk the topic on everyone mind will The Business respond to Tyger Smith’s Challenge? For month Tyger Smith has called out The Business both in person and on social media, And has received absolutely no response from The Business, as if Tyger isn’t even a spec on his radar, we’ll see April 27th if The Business can hold his silence face to face with Tyger Smith!

Kaiju Chris West VS Kenny Brown:

After coming up just a little short at Frost Fight Kenny Brown gets another opportunity to settle the score with former heavyweight Chris West!

NCW Silver Linings Title Match:

Vinnie Moon VS Megabyte Ronnie VS The Pope Elijah Burke

After a devastating loss at Frost Fight to Megabyte Ronnie, Vinnie Moon is on the quest to win back The Silver Linings Championship, except now he doesn’t only have to worry about Megabyte Ronnie, Impact Wrestling Star The Pope Elijah Burke has thrown his hat in the race and wants a piece of the action too!

UWC VS The Nacci Mafia VS Nasty Bud:

6 men walk in, 2 men walk out victorious, The UWC wants revenge for the interruption during their match at Frost Fight, Nacci Mafia wants to make a name for themselves and prove to the world that they are the best Tag Team in Buffalo, and well Nasty Bud just wants to make some special brownies and watch Half Baked…!

NCW Tag Team Title Match:

The Queen City Kings VS The Rent Collection Agency

Always a 5 star match when these two teams face off will The Queen City Kings tear the house down and capture their first tag Titles? Or will The Rent Collection Agency serve out another Eviction Notice to Orion and Musso???

The Main Event

NCW Heavyweight Title Match:

J-Rocc VS Da Latin Soldier

Da Latín Soldier has been unstoppable since uncrowning Chris West of the NCW Heavyweight almost a year ago but Ring Of Honor Superstar J-Rocc wants to put an end to Latin Soldier’s winning streak!

All this action and much more at the biggest show in NCW history April Mayhem 2019 live at The Batavia Downs Casino 8315 Park Rd. So come on down and celebrate my year anniversary with me! Oh and well I still have you here….Go buy a shirt, they come in all different sizes, and colors, be the first person in your neighborhood rocking one of the coolest T-shirts ever, The Sgt. EniGmA Standard issued T-shirt!

This has been another exciting addition of In The Trenches With Sgt. EniGmA, I hope to see you all at The Batavia Downs Casino April 27th!

Over and out!







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