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In The Trenches with Sgt. EniGmA: Episode 1

Ahhhhhhh It’s that time of year again, shitty weather, ugly sweaters, old ladies being trampled by reindeer, and PRO WRESTLING????

Not one but two shows… in Buffalo???


You heard me right NCW will be hosting a powerhouse double shot Wrestle-Mas weekend December 28th and the 29th at The Polish Cadets 927 Grant Street, Buffalo, NY 14207

Tickets for December 28th’s Winter WonderSlam 2018 are completely SOLD OUT!

Tickets for December 29th’s Hangover are still available but going fast so gets yours now and don’t miss out!

Now let’s get down to business, I’m here to bring you deep In The Trenches of Professional Wrestling, And give my insight, including pre-show run downs, post show reviews, and keep you up to date with anything and everything UWC related!

Here we go I’m starting off with a bang right out the gate we’re gonna get into my run down for the NCW’s Winter WonderSlam 2018!

Now what can I say about this card except it is jam packed with action starting off with a special guest appearance from former WCW Superstar Glacier now I don’t mean to get off topic but I remember being a kid and being so excited watching the build up vignettes to Glacier’s debut anticipating what was to come from this mysterious new star.

But enough of me being a fanboy nerd let’s get to the action here’s the run down of the card (As announced and in no particular order):

The Business Open Challenge:

The Business is exactly that strictly business when he steps in the ring, it usually doesn’t take long for him to dispose of his opponents! So to whichever brave soul decides to take him up on that challenge, hahaha good luck!

The Nacci Mafia VS Anthony Musso And Dakoda Orion:

This match stems back to the bad blood between The Rent Collection Agency and the team of Anthony Musso And Dakoda Orion, The Nacci Mafia brought in as The Rent Collection Agency’s new hit squad, have proved themselves to be quite the muscle, although Musso And Orion eliminated The Nacci Mafia from The Candy Cup Battle Royal, Mikey Everynight has called in a favor from The Don who has granted The Nacci Mafia another opportunity at the hit! Will The Nacci Mafia whack the competition or will it be sleeping with the fishes for those wise guys?

NCW Tag Team Championship Match:

Arcade Heroes VS The Rent Collection Agency

This match is a rematch of the finals to the Tag Team Championship tournament where The Arcade Heroes came up just a little short on the rent. With the surprise visit of Santa Claus and a gift of an extra life and another chance to level up, will The Arcade Heroes advance to the next level, or will they be evicted from the Tag Team Championship Contingency and served a GAME OVER!?

NCW Silver Lining Championship Match:

Ace Gervase VS Vinnie Moon

Vinnie Moon is one of the most talented rising stars in the rankings of Nickel City Wrestling, one of the youngest on the roster he is fast as lightning and will leave you seeing stars, there’s no doubt that the sky is limit for The Silver Lining Champion, however Wild Card Ace Gervase the seasoned veteran plans on making an example out of Vinnie Moon proving that The Silver Lining Championship belongs around his waist! Will Vinnie Moon celebrate a victorious defense or will there be a dark cloud over Vinnie’s head as a new champion is ushered in?

Shado Kat VS Young Bull:

Shado Kat still recovering from a diabolical attack on the hands of The UWC forcing him to relinquish his position in the 3 on 3 main event at October’s Nightmare on Grant St. show, seeks revenge by targeting the newest member of The UWC Young Bull. Young Bull originally from the streets of Rochester, now residing in Miami Florida is looking to earn his stripes in the UWC by putting Shado Kat out to pasture!

NCW Heavyweight Championship Match:

Tyger Smith VS Da Latin Soldier

These two men are no stranger to one another, graduating from the same Wrestling School in the year 2000 at one point in time they served side by side conquering the pro wrestling scene together in both Next Era Wrestling and OSPW, but those days are long gone and this match is 18 years in the making there’s a reason why I saved this one for last because this is The Big Fight, these two men have never faced off one on one before, but I can already tell the ground is gonna crack, the walls are gonna shake and the roof is gonna come off of The Polish Cadets when these two step into the ring against each other on December 28th!

This has been In The Trenches with Sgt. EniGmA stay tuned for my next addition!


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