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In The Trenches with Sgt. EniGmA: Episode 2

With Christmas over and a new year upon us, I’d like to take a moment and reflect on the final bouts of 2018 so please join me as I give you the break down the first night of NCW’s Double shot Wrestle-Mas weekend Winter WonderSlam 2018!

Ok so where do I start…I can tell you as a fan of this business for the past 26 years solid there is absolutely nothing I love more than when one of these shows come rolling around because you know it’s gonna be epic, now what happens when you take 2 shows put them back to back?You get an explosion of nonstop wrestling action and that is exactly what happened on Dec. 28th and 29th at The Polish Cadets!

So first things first, WCW Superstar Glacier hosted a training seminar and I was lucky enough to attend the seminar, with Glacier and I’ll tell ya learned a lot of helpful pointers from the legend and am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to be in the same ring as Glacier but enough of this stupid fanboy shit let’s get to the action!

Winter WonderSlam 2018:

NCW’s Silver Lining Championship Match:

The Wild Card Ace Gervase VS Vinnie Moon

This match started off the night with a bang, Ace Gervase gave it his all out there, came close to sealing the deal numerous times during the match including a devastating reversal to Vinnie Moon’s second rope springboard elbow with a flawless belly to back suplex, but in the end the speed and energy of Vinnie Moon got the best of him. Than again who knows what’s in store for 2019 I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of these two!

Primal Warpath VS Lucian Caiker:

You know I can’t put my finger on it but that guy Primal Warpath reminds me of someone… hmmm anyways, one thing is for sure when Primal Warpath taps into “The Warrior Spirit” he is unstoppable, and he proved that at Winter WonderSlam when he took on Lucian Caiker!

NCW’s Tag Team Championship Match:

The Arcade Heroes VS The Rent Collection Agency

With 2 quarters in hand The Arcade Heroes popped them in the cabinet, and set off on their quest for The Nickel City Wrestling Tag Team Championship Titles, throwing everything they had at the Champions, HYPER SPEED COMBOS, HOT TAG POWER-UPS, and DRAINING THE TURBO METER, But at the end of the day The Arcade Heroes wasted a little too much of their money pumping quarters in The Great American Arcade and couldn’t afford the rent! The Rent Collection Agency issued out an eviction notice and ultimately dished out a GAME OVER to The Arcade Heroes! Scrambling for another quarter, the continue screen countdown clock reached 0…!

ShadoKat VS Young Bull:

This match was a solid clash, Young Bull’s insurmountable strength, throwing Shadokat around like a rag doll, forced Shadokat to strategize his speed and high flying abilities, but even then Young Bull charged with power, in the final seconds of the match ShadoKat grabbed the bull by his horns when he locked in a vicious guillotine, Young Bull fought to break free but was put to sleep, now please allow me to point out Young Bull never tapped, he passed out due to the lack of oxygen to the brain! As a sign of respect ShadoKat helped Young Bull up to his feet and offered a hand shake in good sportsmanship, Young Bull didn’t know what to make of this and angrily push ShadoKat knocking him flying across the room!

Nasty Nick Nice & Glacier VS Kaiju Chris West & Nick Marek

This tag team match was a prime example of when you put two guys together sometime’s they work well together and other times they don’t! Take a look at the team of Nasty Nick Nice & the legendary Glacier, although I’m sure that was the first time they teamed together and I’m not sure if they ever will again, they meshed very well together, now on the other hand Chris West and Nick Marek couldn’t seem to focus on the competition, which ultimately lead to their downfall… and it lead to a brawl between the two at the end of the match!

The Business Open Challenge:

The Business came to the ring challenging anyone to climb over the guardrail and step into the ring with him, I kid you not he looked me dead in my soul lifted the second rope and told me to “GEEEEEEETTTTTTT INNNNNNNN!” It was at this moment, my life flashed before my eyes and I almost shit my pants… I turn my head to the right and notice soft reggae music and a cloud of smoke coming from the entrance way and it smelled like… Goode Bud… 🤭 Oops I mean Bud Goode, 🤦🏻‍♂️ now I don’t know if this guy got lost on his way to ordering munchies at the concession stand, but somehow he ended up in the ring and GOT BEAT DOWN! Even his dreadlocks GOT BEAT UP!

The Queen City Kings VS The Nacci Mafia

This match was a great combination of hard hitting and high flying, both teams beat the hell out of each other, The Nacci Mafia was granted another opportunity to whack the competition, and prove to The Don they aren’t just a couple jabronis, I’m sure they proved to The Don they aren’t fuggazi but these wise guys still couldn’t get the job done against The Queen City Kings!

Downtown Kenny Brown VS SLADE

Downtown Kenny Brown is becoming a fan favorite, making his debut at the Nightmare On Grant St. show in October he hasn’t had much good luck in the Nickel City, but his high energy and positive attitude gets the fans fired up when he comes down to ringside, unfortunately his luck didn’t change at Winter WonderSlam 2018 as he took on Sebastian Braun’s schizophrenic alter ego SLADE! With the flip of a coin the powerhouse switches into the demonic beast known as SLADE, Slade dismantles his opponents very quickly, and ironically enough made his first appearance at the same show Kenny Brown did, where he went on to win the Candy Cup Battle Royal after already being eliminated as Sebastian Braun!

The Main Event:

NCW’s Heavyweight Championship Match:

Tyger Smith VS Da Latin Soldier

Before I get into this match please allow me to shed some light on the history between Tyger Smith and Da Latin Soldier, at one point these two men were brothers, training side by side, nine years later Da Latin Soldier would join The UWC and the two of them dominated not one, but two different wrestling promotions, fast forward nine more years to present day and here we are the main event of NCW’s Winter WonderSlam 2018 for the most prestigious title in the Nickel City Territory, with the stakes as high as they were, the ref instantly banned the rest of the UWC from ringside, calling for a straight up one on one fight, and that’s exactly what we got, there was absolutely no love lost in this one, it was a brawl and blow for blow both Tyger Smith and Da Latin Soldier tore the roof off The Polish Cadets! In midst of battle out of nowhere Da Latin Soldier landed a deadly super kick and pinned Tyger Smith for the victory!

Well Ladies and Gentleman there you have it the run down of day 1 of the 2 day Wrestle-Mas Weekend Extravaganza please tune into my next blog entry where I will be giving the run down of day 2 and my ratings of both shows!

Till than please enjoy these highlights of The UWC during both shows!

This has been In The Trenches With Sgt. EniGmA!

Over and Out!




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