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In The Trenches With Sgt EniGmA: Episode 3

Over the weekend I had the absolute privilege to represent The UWC Network during the NCW’s Press Conference so in this special addition of In The Trenches I’m gonna give you the rundown of The Press Conference, the controversial actions that went on, the big announcements and everything else, also below I will leave a audio link to The Press Conference!

To start off the Press Conference we got the layout of what is to come at the next NCW show Frost Fight which will be February 22nd at The Polish Cadets tickets are almost sold out so if you don’t have tickets yet, get them now because they’re going fast!

So let’s get right to it what matches have been announced for NCW’s Frost Fight?

As of right now the listed matches are:

Downtown Kenny Brown VS Kaiju Chris West:

Downtown Kenny Brown will be taking on the former NCW Heavyweight Champion Kaiju Chris West in what might be his toughest match up to date, will Kenny Brown be able to pull off a lucky win on the former champion or will buildings crumble when The Kaiju invades Downtown…?

NCW’s Tag Team Championship Match

Queen City Kings VS Rent Collection Agency:

After beating The Nacci Mafia at Winter WonderSlam, and a very impressive win alongside Downtown Kenny Brown against The Tag Champions and their enforcer The Business, the next night at NCW’s Hangover Anthony Musso And Dakoda Orion earned another shot at the Tag Team Championship titles, will they be able to prove to the world, that Hangover wasn’t just a lucky win and those titles belong around their waists, or will they like the many before come up short on the rent and be evicted from the Championship Contingency…?

Six Man Tag Match

The Fallen & Primal Warpath VS The UWC:

These men are no stranger to each other, and it really showed at The Press Conference but we’ll get to that in a minutes, for now let’s break down this match, this blood feud has been going on for the past 15 years, and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of a truths anytime soon, these men literally hate each other’s guts with a passion and on February 22nd they are gonna do anything in their power to hurt each other! Let me break it down for you this isn’t gonna be no a 10 flips off top rope type match, no this is gonna be a fight, nothing pretty about this, 6 men enter the ring, at the end 3 men get crowned victorious, and the other 3 well my educated guess is they win a trip to the emergency room!

NCW’s World Heavyweight Championship Match

Slade VS Da Latin Soldier

With the flip of a coin Sebastian Braun turns into Slade and in my honest opinion he’s unstoppable making his first appearance in The Candy Cup Battle Royal at NCW’s Nightmare On Grant St. and winning a contract for a shot at a Championship opportunity. It was just a matter of time before he set his sights on the champion , I had the opportunity of talking to The Champ at The Press Conference and he ensured me that he is very confident in his chance of beating the so far undefeated Slade!

Now let’s move on to the HUGE announcements of the night:

(1) The first HUGE announcement made was that on the one year anniversary of me working with NCW, April Mayhem we will be expanding out to The Batavia Downs Casino at 8315 Park Rd. In Batavia NY April 27th tickets are available now but are selling out really fast and I’ll tell this is gonna be an event you won’t want to miss! tickets for the first and second row are $20 and general admission tickets are $15 all tickets include a free $10 play with purchase!

(2) The Second HUGE announcement made was that NCW is introducing a Women’s Championship, opening up a full out women’s division within the company, which honestly blew my mind, I can’t wait to see what is to come of the new female division!

(3) The Third HUGE announcement made was that J-Rocc The Big Daddy Of Destruction will be in the house Saturday April 27th, well known for his spot in Ring Of Honor, The Cleveland Ohio native made his debut in wrestling August of 1998 and has quite a list of Championship accomplishments such as:

    • NEPW Triple Crown Championship (3 times) 
    • MCW United States Championship 
    • Cleveland All Pro Tag Team Championship (3 times) 
    • CCW Tag Team Championship 
    • NWA Michigan Tag Team Championship 
    • UIPW Tag Team Championship 
    • WWA Ironman Championship 
  • KCW Hardcore Championship

I saved the best for last!

(4) The Fourth and final HUGE announcement made was that Ernest The Cat Miller will be there and it has been confirmed that he will been action against an opponent named at a later date, now if you are not familiar with Ernest The Cat Miller, well “SOMEBODY CALL MY MOMMA!” Or at least continue reading these accomplishments…? I guess?

Ernest The Cat Miller a graduate of The WCW Power Plant made his debut in WCW in 1997 where he he had a very impressive run managed by the likes of Ms. Jones and Sonny Onoo and teaming with The Jung Dragons, he has also wrestled for The WWE being managed by Lamont, The Cat also had a run in the short lived WWA, He also had a HUGE roll in the movie The Wrestler where he played the main character Randy The Ram Robinson’s arch rival The Ayatollah!

A well known Professional Wrestling Legend, Ernest Miller utilizes his phenomenal Martial Arts background, and is a well respected figure in the World Of Martial Arts!

As a reward to you for reading this whole blog which I know it’s a lot to digest I have saved the absolute best topic of this blog for last this next paragraph is the meat on the bone of this whole blog so for the idiots that didn’t read this whole post hahaha you’re about to miss out!

The Controversy Of The Press Conference:

To set the mood of The Press Conference, Landlord representing The Rent Collection Agency and ultimately The Tag Team Championship, he opened the Q&A session by approaching the podium claiming that “The Rent Collection Agency is here to prove they are the best tag team champions of all time, and they will continue to prove that by destroying anyone in their path of glory!” It was just then where he was ask the hard question by a fellow UWC Network Representative if The Rent Collection Agency would ever face The UWC, it was at this moment where the mood in the room started changing! Landlord quickly stated “If The Time And The Money Is Right The RCA will take on anyone, and he would take no more questions!

Here’s where things get very interesting:

Now like I mentioned earlier, The men at this Press Conference are no strangers to one another, and hate each other with a distinct passion, and things instantly escalated when The NCW announcer Justin Tromble, accidentally called Tyger Smith to the podium, just to apologetically ask him to sit back down we’ll Deacon approached the podium, to make an opening statement on the match, you could feel the tension in the air instantly, Deacon commented on The first time he faced off with Tyger Smith in a Battle Royal where he eliminated Tyger Smith comments on for 15 years they have fought all across the country, and how this war will go on until the end at this moment. He goes on to insult both me and another representative of The UWC Network implying we are just and I quote “Little Kids who have drank Tyger Smith’s Kool-aid!” Aching for a response he calls Tyger up to the podium, where Tyger Smith is almost instantly interrupted by Deacon’s partner ShadoKat, this only made Tyger Smith more enraged, in which he snapped and started commenting on all the verbal abuse being thrown his way! At this moment ShadoKat cut Tyger Smith microphone stating that the only abuse to come will be physical!

So on this note I am commanding you all, if you haven’t already, to pour yourself a cup of the Kool-Aid and join the best social media platform of all time and stay tuned for my next addition of In The Trenches With Sgt. EniGmA!

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