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In The Trenches With Sgt. EniGmA: Episode 4 (Stepping In The Tyger’s Den)

Thank you Eli Torres AKA Genocide for the awesome photo above! ⬆️👍🏼

Welcome to another exciting episode of In The Trenches with Sgt. EniGmA, I have a lot to discuss in this addition, new match announcements for February 22nd’s NCW’s Frost Fight, what’s in the foreseeable future of for this blog, and an in-depth look on what it takes to be a professional wrestler both physically, and mentally as I give you a rundown of my experience in The Tyger’s Den School Of Professional Wrestling!

So without further a due let me start off by saying if you haven’t taken my advice and bought a ticket to NCW’s Frost Fight you will be shit out of luck because the show is officially sold out! As for April 27th’s April Mayhem at The Batavia Downs Casino tickets are going fast so GET THEM NOW!!!!!

The first match announcement made was, that The Business will be hosting yet another Open Challenge, and there is a lot of speculation on who will answer this challenge, Superstars far and wide across the New York State line have thrown hints, that they might be the one standing across the ring from the devastating monster that is The Business! One thing’s for sure is it won’t be me!!!!!!!

The second match announcement, was The Nacci Mafia has put out a hit on The Unbookables, a brand new tag-team that made their NCW Debut at NCW’s last show Hangover when they took on The Arcade Heroes, that match was ruled a no contest when the Tag Team Champions The Rent Collection Agency attacked both teams leaving them laid out in the center of the ring!

The next topic I’d like to discuss is I am being given an amazing opportunity to interview the internet sensation, as seen on Tosh.0, Rob Dyrdek’s Ridiculousness, And soon to be airing his entry in America’s Got Talent, he is The Creature From The Crypt, The originator of Mystic Death music, that’s right the one and only Vokillz!

Now let’s get down to the meat on the bone in this edition of In The Trenches, if you know me personally you know that Wrestling is my life, for the past 26 years on this earth it is truly all I’ve ever wanted to do with my life! And I’m proud to say that from every week forward I will be working my ass off to get where I need to be in this industry and I have one man to thank for it and that man I’m very proud to call my mentor Tyger Smith! While others continue to doubt me for the previous choices that I’ve made, telling him adding me to the group is gonna hinder his career, and alter how people look at him, he still hasn’t given up on me, for the respect that this man has shown me I’d take a bullet for him! “NOW THAT’S A SHOOT!”

Over the weekend I was given an opportunity to participate in a tryout for The Tyger’s Den School Of Professional Wrestling, and I can tell you first hand it was the most vigorous workout that I’ve experienced since being on my high school amateur wrestling team, and my body sure as hell isn’t in the condition it was in 10 years ago. I know that I have a long way to go on my journey, and I’d be lying if I said my body didn’t want to give out numerous times during that tryout, but my passion, and want to succeed will never let me surrender, no matter how hard it gets! From this week forward every weekend, I will travel from Buffalo NY to Rochester NY, on the quest to turn a dream that I’ve had since before I could walk into my reality!

To everyone who has supported me in all my previous endeavors whether it be watching my old backyard shit, or supported me by buying the Backyard Tycoon Video Game to play as me, thank you I really appreciate the support!

But that chapter in my life is over!!!

So please stop inboxing me asking if I’m going to be doing another backyard show, the answer is NO! AND NO THANK YOU I DON’T WANT TO TRAVEL HALFWAY ACROSS THE FUCKING COUNTRY TO WRESTLE A BUNCH OF 16-YEAR-OLDS IN A PLAYGROUND!

I can’t guarantee that I will make it far in The Professional Wrestling Industry or even past the training… but one I think I can guarantee is I will never give up trying, my whole life everyone told me I’d never make it in the wrestling business, that I didn’t have the look, that I didn’t have the charisma, that I didn’t have the proper conditioning, that it was a dream job that I’d never accomplish, that I mine as well give up before I embarrass myself! All of you will eat your words, I don’t care if my finish line is 100 miles past everyone else’s!



Stay tuned for another exciting episode of In The Trenches With Sgt. EniGmA!

Over and Out!





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