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In The Trenches With Sgt. EniGmA: Episode 6

The new year is upon us, which can only mean one thing more Nickel City Wrestling shows!

Join me as we take a look at the results of the first NCW show of the year Frost Fight!

Nasty Nick Nice VS Bud Goode:

Nasty Nick Nice wins!

NCW Tag Team Championship Match

The Queen City Kings VS The Rent Collection Agency:

The Rent Collection Agency picked up the win to retain the Tag Team Championship Titles!

Kaiju Chris West VS Downtown Kenny Brown:

Kaiju Chris West was victorious against Downtown Kenny Brown!

NCW Silver Linings Championship Match

Megabyte Ronnie VS Vinnie Moon:

Megabyte Ronnie was crowned the new Silver Linings Champion!

6 Man Tag Match

The Fallen And Warpath VS The UWC:

This match was ruled a no contest and ended in the UWC and The Fallen joining forces… WAIT A MINUTE…

The Business Open Challenge

The Business VS The Arcade Heroes:

The Arcade Heroes didn’t only lose the match it seems they’ve lost their manager too!

The Nacci Mafia VS The Unbookables:

The Nacci Mafia was successful with the hit put out on The Unbookables!

NCW Heavyweight Championship Match

Slade VS Da Latin Soldier:

Da Latin Soldier retained The Heavyweight Championship!

Join me next time as I break down match by match and give you insight on all the action that went down on February 22nd’s NCW Frost Fight!

This has been In The Trenches With Sgt. EniGmA!

Over And Out!

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