Poetry Corner with Randi

Living In Fear

Living a lie,
Wondering why.
Walking alone,
Thinking oh my,
This world.
The world we live in,
Such a scary place.
Turn around once,
Danger there.
Turn around twice,
Even more danger here.
No matter the turn,
No matter the destination.
We all,
Are living in fear.
From the streets,
To shelters.
To even our own homes.

Hey there everyone of the uWc network. I wanna apologize in advance for slacking hard. Believe me when i say this it was never my intention to drop this at all. So please don’t think that of me.

Alot of things have been happening in my personal life recently. And then wordpress was just being a straight dick so it legitimately wouldn’t let me log in for the life of me. I appreciate tyger smith for allowing me to still be a part of the uwc network even though I’ve been away for some time.

But anyway, this poem it may be short but at the same time it is brand new and off the tip top of my brain. Because it’s true. No matter where we are in the world we are all living in some form of fear. Not Every one will admit to that. But i know i will because of what i myself have been through in the past even to the present day.

Hopefully everyone can forgive me on my slacking of the poetry. I shall try to be on a lot more often now.

Until next time,


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