Poetry Corner with Randi

My Feelings

Being alone,

Trapped in my thoughts.

Crying like i’m dying,

Wishing it would stop.

The room gets darker,

As do the thoughts.

The darker,

The evil.

My feelings,

What are those?

They stay getting hurt,

So why feel.

I don’t think i can,

i’ll just put a ban on them.

The feelings,

Inside and out.

I’m hurt,

I’m lost.

I can’t escape,

The thought to feel.

I don’t want,

To feel it.

The hurt and pain,

Pretty much the same thing.

So i take these words,

Say them more than once.

I am human,

Humans can feel.

They have the right to,

As for i am human,

And in my feelings.

Hey there everyone ladies and gentleman of the uwc network.

I’ll apologize again for taking so long to post anything first i was getting over food poisoning and now i have like a cold or possibly the flu so i haven’t been to well.

But to give you all a background on why i wrote this or basically the meaning here it goes,

The title itself is very self explanatory, yeah i guess you guys can say im in my feelings. Im human right? I think we all are so we’re all able to feel things and what not.

With me being so sick I’ve had to distance myself from alot of people because i don’t wanna get others sick, so I’ve just been in one of my depressed moods i guess.

But yeah, we are humans and we are all allowed to feel certain feelings.

Until next time..


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