My Top 15 Favorite Cartoons Ever!

Looking back, I realized that cartoons were a big part of my growing up. As a kid born in 1979, and raised in the 1980’s without any brother or sisters, I had little choice but to watch TV. Believe me I didn’t hate it! I never stopped watching cartoons. This is my first “top list” I have ever written. It is a tribute to the shows that influenced my imagination and my moral compass, or lack there of.


From the makers of Thundercats Cops in space! It was a funky concept that made me want to fly like a Sugar Glider as a child.

#14 TMNT

At first I hated this remake because it was not the old show. This is the reaction of most older fans of the original show. After sticking it out, I grew to love the adult story telling and sleek new look of the turtles!


THIS CARTOON IS AWESOME! Blood, gore and Crom! Yes I said blood. It happens a few time in the series, but not while Conan is fighting the snake men of Set. I watched this show at 6am before going to school!


Dark, Fast-Paced and Fun! What is not to love? An entire world where everyone are cats! The bad guy is an undead cat.

#11 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Yes it’s corny BUT it is awesome! So many Mutants! lol this show is LEGEND. So many things come from this.


This show was all over the place. It had some great episodes and some that were filler. The one really cool thing about this show was that it used so many different Marvel characters.

#9 Batman Beyond

This show was so ahead of it’s time. It predicted the fact that kids we’re going to be addicted to VR games and that everyone would start using cards instead of paper money.

#8 X-MEN

The storyline was relatable to young people going through growing pains. I hated Jubilee. Wolverine was the shit because he goes where he wants to go!


Okay, I can not say enough good things about this show. Great story about displaced heroes in time. Also, a good chunk of its storylines were borrowed from Shakespeare!


G.I JOE taught me how to make laser sounds with my mouth; also, that good guys and bad guys have different color laser weapons. Kobra showed me that national terrorist organizations are very real. Also, that knowing is half the battle!

#5 HE-MAN 2002

This show is a reboot that was better than the original. There I said it. They give you fully fleshed out characters and back stories you never got in the original. It made me more of a fan!


God I love this show so much I got a tattoo. Just like G.I. JOE, laser noises and transforming sounds! Sound Wave was the best! I didn’t think I could have feelings for robots until I saw this show. The movie makes me cry to this day.


This show is so sick. It went to places I didn’t think a cartoon was able to go. It out right showed you Crosses and Demons. It was deeper than anybody who was growing up could know. It had crazy Christian under tones.


This show shaped me in ways I cannot ever repay. The code of Thundera has forever been a part of me. JUSTICE, TRUTH, HONOR AND LOYALTY. The story is parts Starwars and so much more. Watch it!!!

#1 Batman The Animated Series

Wow this came out right after Batman Returns. It borrowed the look of Catwoman and The Penguin from the movie. It used many stories from comics and original stories as well. This is what gave birth to Harley Quinn. It is what I waited for everyday of school. I still watch this to this day!

This is my list. You all might have your own. Let me know who is on your list!

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