Poetry Corner with Randi

Never enough

Yet so patiently.
Still nothing,
So i sit.
Twiddle my thumbs,
Then ask myself,
Am i enough?
Is my body,
My face,
Even my hair..
Good enough atleast?
Those thoughts,
Run deep.
But yet here i stay,
Still waiting.
For him to say,
You are enough.
Wishing it could be,
But i try to be patient.
All though,
My patience?
Turns into impatience.
So the more i sit,
The more i wonder.
The more impatient,
I become.
So maybe,
Just maybe,
You could tell me.
Will i be enough?
Be straight with me.
Will i never?
Never be enough?
The question stands,
The ball?
Is now in your court.

Hey there everyone of the uWc network first off i want to say i apologize for taking so long. Ive been having issues getting on the site to start a poem. The internet is a straight pain in the ass and i am sure most if not all can agree with me on that one lol. But anywho, the inspiration behind this here kind of comes from personal experience but not completely. Ive been in a situation before where i have sat around waiting on a guy to tell me what’s up ya know? Just don’t do what i did, and wait around forever for that one person. Because when you do that your wasting alot of your life and time with others because of that one person. So my advice to y’all, if the man or woman you are trying to talk to can’t be straight or honest with you in a situation of being together then its time to just move on!

Until next time!!


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