BLOG LOG, Poetry Corner with Randi

Over It

Stressed out,

Wishing it would end.

Why put me,

Through this?

Im over it.

Over the drama,

Definitely the trauma.

Im over it,

The blame game,

All of your games.

Im just over it,

Let it be.

Because i being me,

Am over it,

Over it all.

Whats up y’all…

Look I’ve had a rough couple of days, recovering from food poisoning to just straight up childish bullshit.

But this poem here im making a fucking statement.

Im over the bullshit im over it all, im tired. Tired of being brought in to things that have absolutely nothing to do with me.

Ive apologised to those who deserved it. But as for the others all of you who wanna put me through all this highschool childish drama do yourself a favor and leave me the hell out of it.

Because im over the shit.

Poing blank period!-!

Until next time..


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