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Pain And Worry

I feel it through me.
Not the best,
Definitely not,
The greatest.
What’s on my mind?
Will I be here?
Today, tomorrow.
Next month, next year.
I don’t know.
Only they know,
My mind fills.
With worry,
I feel the pain.
All over me,
My head,
My chest,
All over .
Think positive they say.
But I worry,
What will happen.
If it is so.
The same question,
Comes to mind.
Will I be here?
Today or tomorrow?
Next month, or year?
I’m scared,
All I do is worry.
I try not to,
Wish everyone,
Would understand.
I know it’s hard to,
But it’s hard for me to.
When I feel this pain,
I worry.

Hey y’all. Everyone of the uwc network and even around the world. I just want you to know that yes i am okay.

Just have ALOT of personal things going on in life.

I wont discuss it here but to give a bit of background to what this poem here is about.

I’ve come across a few health scares in the past and some in present. So honestly just the thought of having any kind of sickness has me worrying alot. Any kind of pain i feel i start to worry like oh no it could be this it could be that. But who really knows ya know?

Now everybody, i don’t want y’all worrying about me. I’ll be alright in due time. With family and friends and even god on my side. Ill be alright πŸ˜‰

Until next time..


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