Poetry Corner with Randi


Looking at her,

Looking at that body.

Thoughts rolling,

As he proceeds.

She looks back,

At him.


As he approaches.

His gentle touch,

Leaving a tingle.

A sensation in her body,

Not many but him,

Can leave.

She looks him,

In the eyes,

Gently caressing his body.

As they move,

And the lights go out.

As for there love,

Is made.

In the night,

In the dark.

Hey there y’all..

How have you been? Good? That’s good. Well im hoping so lol.

Aight so listen these words were just scrambled in my head. And i don’t know if you know but not all poems HAVE to have rhyming. But more or less a story to tell? Yes.

This judging by the title i think y’all can get the gist of it right?

Not like stuff i usually write so bare with me on this..

Trying to expand my creativity in a sense. So if you don’t like it? Okay cool thats fine thats your opinion.


Until next time..

~Randi ❤

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