Poetry Corner with Randi


Seeing as is,
Or seeing what was.
The look,
In his eye's.
Why must you,
Yes you.
Of all the one's,
Have no shame.
Doing thing's,
Embarassing me.
The family.
It's a shame,
You were so great.
Until that one date,
Everything just,
What a shame,
Wish i could,
Take that time back.
Even if i did,
Why would it matter?
The shameful truth,
Is you are no good.
Maybe one day,
A lesson,
Shall be learned.
It's a shame,
Because i know,
That day.
Won't be the day,
Until you take,
Your last shameful,
Egotistical breath.

Hey there Everyone of the uWc network. I know im slacking real hard posting the poetry here and there. Just life has set me back a bit. More or less I’ve just been Super busy and then again im still recovering from second degree sunburn. Yeah y’all that shit sucks. Fyi i did wear sunscreen lol. But anyways, i won’t go into to much detail on the background of this because this is not from my personal experience at all. From someone close to me who i love. Okay fine my brother. Again i won’t get in to what its really about but if you know me and have spoken to me in the last few month’s you will completely understand this whole thing. Im speaking in the second or third person i don’t friggen know. Y’all catch my drift right? I hope lol. Well enjoy this here!

Until next time!!


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