Poetry Corner with Randi

Should I?

Thinking out loud,


I could make you,


Looking around,

Getting to you.

Yet you still,

Say nothing.

It’s like im on the edge,

In the word’s of NF.

Im sorry that i let,

You down.

The voices?

Yeah those..

They seem to be loud,

But you don’t hear them.

Should you know,

What they say?

Do you wanna know?

I don’t even know,

If i should tell you.

I mean..

Should i?

The voices,

Getting louder.

Almost screaming at me,

Do you wanna know?

Maybe i should tell you.

Same question though,

Should i?

Alright maybe i should,

Those voices?

Are telling me..

That i should just quit,

Quit on you,

Quit on this.

What is this?

I dont even know..

Should i know?


But i think,

Im gonna listen.

Listen to those voices,

Im giving up on you.

Not me,

But you.

That is something,

I should do.

Hey there everyone of the uWc nerwork.

I know it has been a minute since i have posted anything and i apologize for that.

Work has had me tired and not really wanting to do much of anything honestly im sure most or if all of you can understand how that goes ya know.

But anywho,

To get in to this poem here and its meaning.

The title is something ive been asking myself alot lately when it comes to certain situations like should i text him? Should i do this? Should i do that? Ya know..

And I’ve come to the conclusion that the question needed to be answered in some way. So id say here I’ve done such that.

This isn’t towards anyone in particular but if some people want to take this personal..

If the shoe fits lace that bitch up and wear it..

Ya feel me?

P.s happy easter yall

Until next time…


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