Stripes before Spots: Don’t be a Bitch!

It has been almost been a year since my blog which, I have been having a good time! Started Martial Arts, continued Wrestling, watched that beaver get emotionally fucked (read my last blog if you don’t understand), even got into modeling and acting school, believe it or not! But today we are going to focus on the martial arts, and following the theme, I will only use animals.

Alright, so I hear from my parents that Khloe kat started Martial Arts. I was like awesome, ever since I was a little kid I wanted to do Martial Arts. So hearing that she started, I was very insistent to start. So, my first day I walk in, to an interesting looking panda who yelled “Hello Robert!” He yelled. I laughed because he thought my name was Robert, he still calls me that sometimes. But it was me, my mother Angel, and my father Tyger all started Martial Arts. I saw many different animals. There was this interesting black belt who was a monkey, this beautiful bunny who was also a black belt. Then this hard guerrilla, who taught the class. Then there was Videl. Yes like the DBZ character. But when she had short hair. And no she doesn’t want a Gohan, she is more into other females. Moving on, we went through basics, got a white belt, and even broke boards. Exciting! I really enjoyed it.

Now on to Day 2. Sparring, now I know what your thinking 3 new white belts, with nothing but mostly black belts there. That sounds like slaughter. Well, the 3 of us broke off into sparring groups. My mom sparred the guerrilla, it was “interesting”. My dad sparred this giant, who was the only one that could probably handle him. And I sparred Videl! At first, it was practice, and we white belts had only learned how to do punches, so no kicks. I was the only one to have a sparring match with my family. And believe it or not, I won! 3-0 actually. I was really freaking proud. But my dad reminded me to stay humble and not let it get to my head. So I tried to not let it, but it was still exciting. The match after I saw her kick and she seemed mad, so after that, I realized that I must have embarrassed her.

Now day 3. My mom quit. And my dad and I met a new person, an older Persian cat who, wore a green belt and if you know a Persian you know they are present, annoying nasty freakers. She seemed to talk nice to me, but when she saw my dad. She went very defensive, and she just didn’t like him, and believe it or not, I know Tyger Smith’s rep. But he didn’t do anything, like how he almost never asks for these problems.

But let’s fast forward. My dad was coming but inconsistently both being tired, working on work, and he felt like people were being hostile, both that cat, and Videls father, and NO HE IS NOT MR. SATAN. HE WILL NEVER BE MR. SATAN, he is more like an old, fat hog. But these 2, made my father feel uncomfortable. So he removed himself because he saw I enjoyed it, so I could continue. Fast forward a few weeks more, I have my yellow belt and I finally spar Videl for the first time in 3 months, and I wanted to prove that I can beat her, and it wasn’t just her being nice to the new person. So we spar and prepare yourself, I’m gonna say the truth. She attacked me one-sided and I was blocking to watch her style. We went very far back, and the monkey called us back, and we started again, me and Videl. She threw a ridge hand, which is like throwing like a hook but u open your hand like a chop and make your thumb flat. She threw that followed by a sidekick. I blocked both, the hand with a side block, and the kick with my leg. I then pushed them to the left making her unbalanced, and she tipped to the right where I threw a ridge hand, and I stopped where her head would be so I wouldn’t hurt her, but since she tipped she went into it. It hit the headgear harder. And then the monkey stopped the match because it was too much for Videl to handle. So basically I beat her with one hit.

Later I find out she started a rumor that I was aiming for her neck. Bitch if I were aiming for your fucking neck I would have hit your neck. If I wanted to hurt you, I would have kicked your knee that you got surgery on. Hell, if I wanted to really hurt you, then I would have punched you in your eye, breaking your glasses so you would cut your face, and it would leave a scar. But anyways, I talked with the panda. He said this rumor would be worked out and it would be better. So I was ok! Hoping for an apology, never got one. And her father was still a prick. But move forward about a month or so. I have my orange belt, and my dad came early to watch me practice, and bring me home, I notice a few times out of the corner of my eye him talking with that bunny. Which she talks to every, and she loves to talk. Which is ok, so I was like oh shes talking with dad, hm I hope he doesn’t say anything weird about me. And I didn’t think about it anymore.

Then at around 10 PM last night, he gets a text from the panda. Which is saying that some of the students were uncomfortable with how you were sitting with that bunny. Now the bunny is as old as me, a little younger. My father, being the man he is avoided more conflict but was very upset with what was said. He gave him logic and reason why that wouldn’t happen, and there was a picture that my father took, so he sent it to the panda.

It takes awhile for the panda to respond, but when he does, he isn’t even trying to take my dads side, or even look at it. So, he is telling my dad to be humble, and not to come to the dojo unless the panda is there. Ok, first question. Did any of these accusations come from the bunny? Are you a beta male bitch? Are you afraid of my father? Who said it? Oh parents/students, in the teen and adult class, got it. Wait a second only my dad was the parent there. But wait for a second, that Persian. She has two kittens, and one goes during the class before. Ok, so she was one. WAIT for THIS JUST IN AT 3:46 PM, THE BUNNY SAID HE WAS HOMOPHOBIC AND SHE FELT UNCOMFORTABLE. Why because he pointed out that Videl is a lazy piece of shit, who does nothing but hit on that bunny all class?

I’m not sure about you, but this zoo has pissed me the fuck off. They accused my father of being inappropriate with an underage girl! You’re fucking crazy. And I know you were one of the cats, and just know that next time I see you I will have a strong feeling to slap the hell out of you. But the fact that this panda cant is ambiguous enough to actually look at my dad’s point of view, and just going to the cats?! I am livid, and I want to fight. I will fight anyone in that dojo, not to win but for a point of that’s how angry I am, and this has just added to my dad’s list of people who do this, and he has become numb to it. You want to make people feel comfortable like you said right? WELL, WHAT THE FUCK ABOUT HIM. YOU AREN’T TRYING WITH HIM. YOU 2 HAVE KNOWN EACH OTHER FOR YEARS. AND YOU WANT TO LOSE HIM AS A FRIEND BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE WAS UNCOMFORTABLE?! DID YOU EVEN ASK THE GIRL. (Well they did apparently)

Thank you for taking the time to read my rant, just remember, be an adult. And if you have a problem, say to the person’s fucking face, I am guilty of this with Videl, so maybe I’ll talk to her, who knows. But don’t be a child, and just because you feel the way about a person, and someone isn’t acting the way you feel about someone doesn’t mean you should find a way to get rid of that person. So, remember everyone doesn’t be a beta male bitch, who thinks they have power over the Internet. (Does that sound hypothetical to anyone else, ah oh yeah, I would actually fight someone) and as always choose spots before stripes.

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