#Take It Deep: Is this the end?

I have been gone from the front line of Western NY Wrestling since November 2019, at UnderWorld Champions 3. I have been asked where have I been by true fans. People that claimed to be friends have sunk back into the mist. What happened? Where did I go? Why am I not blasting the internet with more than a pic on Instagram here and there?

We there is a very personal reason for that. My real life wife and I split. We have two children and a lot of things in the wind. So wrestling has not been the comfort that it used to be. Running the day to day operations has become very hard with my home life off track.

My main focus has become my family. I have been guilty of what happens to many wrestlers. This culture of Pro Wrestling had taken 20+ years of my life. No this was not the reason why I got divorced. But it didn’t help with my relationship with my children.

Ironically my son is looking to get involved in the business in a bigger capacity. No not from me pushing him. He started helping with ring crew then he wanted to train. So I started training him. Then he started filming the UWC shows. He turn 17 in a few weeks then he will be legal to wrestle in NYS. Let’s see.

I’ve been thinking about the wrestling landscape. Is there a place for me anywhere out here anymore? As I look around all I see is a bunch of copies of copies of copies. The shitty part is the original that they copy wasn’t good. Plus my out spoken style of promo and rough in ring isn’t as like in this day and age. They want this dance that has been gone over so many times people can call it from the cheap seats.

The fans and the sports entertainers, have become to complaisant with how wrestling is. They need it to be predictable. They need it to mimic what they have just watched on TV or Youtube. For this reason I sit back and wonder do I need to have one more run?

I kept hearing about how I was taking the spot of a young guy… Then I look at Rob Cook, Deacon, Hellcat and HC LOC. I don’t know if I will stay on the shelf. Ryot wasted me and it really has made me reflect that is for sure. So for now breathe, you might not have to stomach a Tyger Smith match ever again.


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