#TAKEITDEEP: Still relevant?



“It’s fine if you don’t want to see. If you don’t want to think that I’m not relevant in your eyes. The amazing thing is your still reading my tweets.”

-The Legend Tyger Smith

In my time here in the pro wrestling business, I haven’t made it terribly far. If you ask certain people it’s because I didn’t have the talent to go any further than I did. If you asked the right people I could have went a lot further than I had. My career is exactly that, my career. No one dictated the starter stop of it despite popular belief. I did a lot in my time. Hell I’m still doing a lot when other people have stayed stagnant.

I love the criticism that I didn’t travel enough. I think I travel just as far as I wanted to go. I have a family in a daytime job the demands me to work normal hours. It is always been that way and I’m okay with that. I took the opportunities that were given to me when I could. Passed on some that others probably wouldn’t have. But I guess that’s what makes me, me.

The fact that it was leaked on the @uwc4Life Twitter, that I met with the Nickel City Wrestling office in Buffalo really got to a couple of guys. One is a former worker that thought he was better than he was. The other using the name of the company I built with my former best friend. The first one didn’t bother me as much as the second. If you want to criticize me use your real name. Or some way to be recognized. Hiding behind false names is amazing. It sucks you have the ability to use that name. As for what I was doing in Buffalo well only time will tell.

I’ve been accused of trying to create an angle with a company that will never book me. If that’s the case then you have nothing to worry about. The big bad Tyger Smith won’t show up to ruin your day. But if it’s not the case then maybe you guys should be worried. Worried that a guy who was over 6 years ago might show all this new Talent how to work. Or maybe I’m just blowing smoke. The only way you’ll know used to keep watching.


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