#TAKEITDEEP: Thanks Giving

A lot of people say that this is their favorite holiday. And I totally understand that, because of Food and Family. Personally, it’s one of those holidays that I remember as a child waiting for. Mainly because I grew up by myself and holidays such as this meant family was coming over.

I could remember waiting for my cousins to get them. JC was close to my age, but his brother would be there as well. I swear we would eat our food as fast as possible. Just so that way, we could play Nintendo.

I remember locking little cousins out of the Room that we didn’t want and there because it is know how to play. I remember said cousins complaining about us, getting us in trouble. Lol

Now years later I sit here asking what am I thankful for? Family. Not everyone has one, but everyone can find one if you look. Enjoy your holidays.

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