So recently the question of am I the face of the UnderWorld Champions product was bought up on Turn buckle Talk Radio. A podcast featured on the GERE NETWORK. Where Cyclone Jones challenged the idea if I was not the face for the fact that I am in the main event. I could understand this train of thought from the outside looking in.

He would further go on to say that I pigeon holed myself by saying I’m not, so in other words HC LOC was going to win. Because if I were to win this match I would be a piece of shit promoter like all the rest in western New York. By putting the main title on myself. Therefore making me the face of the company. As far as I can remember the only promoters the only promoters that put there main titles on them selves happened in the Buffalo area. I could be wrong. Wow a lot to unpack here.

Hearing this at first I was not happy. Other than making that statement he also got the card mixed up. Rules of different division and different wrestlers that were participating in the matches. Which had me perplexed because he claimed to have had watched the press conference an listened to the JC Money show. He also was not happy with my answer on the JC Money show when I was asked about the match. When JC Money asked me why was I in the match, my answer was who else was going to do it? This sent Cyclone into a tailspin. Pun intended. To elaborate on this statement the Network title has rounds and is won by knockout or submission. No DQ’s outside of the ring. Many of the now contracted wrestlers were asked what division where they like to compete in. Many did not want to be in this kind of a match. So I stepped up. What I found funny is the logic that I can win because, and He will win because. Someone will win but who? Come to the show.

Cyclone would openly offer me the opportunity to come on his show to clear up anythings. At first I was like no. Because this felt pretty personal due to our past. Then JC Money suggested to I should do the show as well. Which I had a great experience on his show, so I considered it. But after a quick chat with President Perez he said he would do it.

I guess enclosing I wish more research should of been done before making statements about a product that you don’t fully understand. The info is out there on youtube and on the GERE NETWORK also on this website as well. I do not hold anymore issues with Turn Buckle Talk Radio. I realize peoples opinions are their own and should be treated as such.


The Press Conference:

The JC Money Show:

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