#TAKEITDEEP: What are you doing?

I’m in the gym Thanksgiving weekend, where are you? At home enjoying your family. Good, you should be, they probably value this time with you.

My family knows that when I have something in my head, better get out of his way. They understand my drive. Something you lost a long thing ago. You’re not hungry for the fight anymore.

You see we’re older than most of “the talent” in the locker room. The jokes about age and weight are said under their breath and on the internet safety done somewhere else. They could be right.

Maybe in your case. I know that this generation of piss ants can’t handle what I bring. That is why I Surround myself with kindred spirits. Who do have? A man who broke your nose? Pathetic.

At every turn, your friends are trying to poach my teammates. Why? Because if Tyger Smith trained them they WILL be a threat. Thank you for the Validation.

Every member of The uWc that has ever stood across from me in the ring has lost. Remember that.

You’re at your end. I am the most dominant champion Buffalo has ever seen. This has already been written before we got here.

Enjoy your vacation champ. Take lots of pics. Sleep in. Value every day you can tell your family that you’re the champ…


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