#takeitdeep: Young Boys

You know something has been on my mind. Before I start please remember after the job title list came out I’m but a Worker nothing more.

Why is it People here are treating NCW as a spot on the way to a destination? Not the destination itself.

I understand a lot of you have dreams of going to a super indy or The Fed. Cool. Not EVERYONE makes it.

I also understand that you have to be seen to go further. But while your being seen, you’re being noticed by Promoters and Journey Men.

They are going to be watching you Wrestle. But they are also going to be watching how your prompting matches and companies you’re working for. They remember. Thank you internet.

Bobby Ocean puts over every fed, booking and worker he’s involved with. Every spot and booking is important. I wish I saw that here.

You guys got a great platform to perform on. Make it a destination, not a stop.

#takeitdeep #dontbookcrazy

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