Team F-View return to NEW pseudo Heroes. Both members JC Money and Tyger Smith fired and or banned from Buffalo. Still holding their respective titles they decide to open the show addressing the fans letting them know how it was. Little did they know they would be interrupted by a returning Mat Bomboy.

Aftermath Bomboy pointed out the fact that the TYGER has turned his back on him and the fans he challenges him to a match. But then the most unforeseen thing happens. The power in the venue goes out. You won’t believe what will happened after that.

Robert Ezekyo has anyone the Ascension tournament. Earning his right to challenge tiger for the heavyweight title. Mr Perez and JC money come out to congratulate Ezekyo. Ezekyo has something to say to Perez.

Robert Ezekyo gets his shot. It is hard road to walk.

NEW Travels to Buffalo for the first time. Tyger meets up with old friend from OSPW that is given an opportunity by Rhodes.

In an effort to teach Team F-View respect NEW enlisted the aid of Hall of Famers Tito Santana and Super Fly Jimmy Snuka.

TEAM F-View consisting of Tyger Smith, JC Money team up with Mat Bomboy and Din Mak? To take on Team Ezekyo, consisting of Robert Ezekyo, Super Beast, Brian Emanon and Trip. This is truly come full circle.

Trip challenge Tyger to a street fight. To try to settle some old scores. Unfortunately this fight would get a lot more extreme then either one was expecting.

After JC money loses his title, Mr Perez uses Kryptic to kick him out the cartel. Tyger Smith strange enough was not involved in this action or decision. Instead he was said to be nursing injuries he acquired from his street fight with Trip.

Nagging head injuries have got Tyger Smith picking in different ways. We see something reappear that we haven’t in years. Is this the beginning of a new chapter? Tyger takes on Chance Taylor for his Tapout title.

After winning the Tapout title Tyger Smith does something that has never been done before. He enters the Ultimate Clash match as a champion fighting for a shot at the heavyweight title again. Then something else happens that no one sees coming.

Some could say it was the stress of what happen with JC Money. Or the fact that he had taken too many head shots in this past year. What ever it was, 2Sis Tyger Smith has returned! He plans on becoming becoming a two time heavyweight champion! The on major problem is that he needs to get passed Billy Foxx and Mr. 630 Jerrell Clark!


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