Poetry Corner with Randi

The Eyes

Starring and looking,
Just getting lost.
Not sure of the feeling,
Wondering what's going on.
As you look in to the eyes,
Eyes of whom?
As you keep looking,
You take a step back.
Those eyes,
You wish to see good.
But all you see,
Is pure evil.
Feeling a terrible vibe,
As you try to step away.
Yet he grabs you,
And looks you,
Dead in the eyes.
Frightened with fear,
You cry out.
He doesn't let go,
As you try to pull away.
looking in to the eyes,
As you ask him why.
He continues to laugh,
As the eyes you looked in to,
Turn pure black.
Like the soul of evil,
You run away.
Yet he catches you,
As you stare in to the eyes,
The eyes of an evil man.
Hands around your throat,
Gasping for air.
You slowly start to fade,
Still looking in to those eyes.
Just wondering why,
Why me?
Starting to fade more,
The eyes getting blacker.
Your world getting darker,
The grip getting tighter.
Close to death,
Wishing in your mind.
I wish,
I would have never looked.
Never looked in to those,
Those evil eyes.

Hey there everyone of the uWc Network!! here i am ! lol i am trying to be consistent as i can. even though work seriously kicked my butt today but i still gained the strength to open up my laptop and share a bit of my creative poetry with you all!!

Now, when you read this your probably thinking what in the holy hell possessed her to write something like this?! honestly i wrote this awhile ago. and it was something off the top of my head. no this absolutely does not stem from any kind of personal experience. i promise you that lol, never ever would i let anyone put there hands on me.

Anyways, what i am trying to say behind this here poem, is some advice. know who you are speaking with and more or less hanging with before you get to be too close. when you get to close to fast you can wind up in a situation that can end in someones life being taken.


Until next time!!


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