Our story begins with a young wrestler named Hobie. Fresh out of Suplex-U wrestling school. He get’s a debut match against former WWF Wrestler Agony.

Hobie tags with real life cousin JC Money, too take on The Punishers. This is the birth of The Latin Lords of Disorder. Both of these rookies try to do anything to last.

AWF ran a show at Suplex-U. Hobie would team with colorful characters, with JC Money managing them.

The L.L.O.D. would enter the AWF battle royal. We would see some new faces.

Filled with new found confidence after their showing at AWF, The L.L.O.D. rematch The Punishers. But this time things change.

The L.L.O.D. get an NMW Tag Team title shot? The Natural Born Blonds look to stop the young wrestlers.

Hobie takes on Ian Decay in his first hardcore match.

This is the end of the first chapter. Also the end of the career of one of these young wrestlers.

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